Updated 1/30/11

Seven months later and Dad FINALLY gets around to changing this site again. I guess we're taking up a couple of his waking moments! New videos and pictures are here (see picture links above). We're changing every day!

Remember to click the links above and check out our other videos by searching for danstar7 at youtube.com.

Our best ballet moves...so far (1/14/11)

Sabrina singing her favorite song, "Let's go fly a kite" from Mary Poppins (1/12/11)

Playing in their new Minnie Mouse kitchen (12/31/10) & at Golden Gate Bridge having some fun (Sabrina didn't believe in shoes and socks at this moment) (12/26/10) - For those of you who know our house (and for those who don't!), we remodeled our garage into their playroom. It has been quite the hit.

Olivia in fine form with her hat (12/31/10) & Bouncing on their beds, a favorite pastime (12/2/10)

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